Monday, October 24, 2011

Seedling experiment - the results!

Well, many thanks to Linda Woodrow for her growing from seeds tips. I, like a number of you in blogland, had been having trouble with my strike rate growing seeds in punnets and blogged about that here. Linda kindly shared her tips about growing seeds in a polystyrene box, so I rescued a number of them from the back of the local supermarket. And decided to try an experiment.
So, I planted up a set of punnets and a number of rows of vegie seeds into the polystyrene box on the 9th October. I'm afraid I didn't have the energy to go dig up a bucketful of creek sand and collect cow manure from the farmer's field about 10 minutes' drive away, so I just used good quality seed raising mix in both the punnets and the box. Here's the results:
Things are looking pretty good in the polystyrene box aren't they?

But over in punnet-world:
That's right folks - on lousy leek seed is just starting to sprout!
So, guess who is a complete convert to planting seeds in the polystyrene box? You guessed it - that'd be me!

Very busy time in the emerging food forest at the moment. A Pictorial update in the next few days I promise!
Enjoy - Greenie x


  1. I have found foam boxes are insulative, and even seedlings in mini-pots or jiffy pots placed in foam boxes, do so much better too!

    They look great...

  2. yup, I am fond of the old foam box! And, 6 x topped and tailed 2 liter milk cartons fit snugly into them.....which can make keeping the roots of larger seedlings separate much easier....

    those seedlings look very happy.

    Greenie I would be happy to play bees with you! You might like to keep your own hive at the community garden where I keep Queen Aprilia....and we could look after them together? Dixiebelle might be in on this as well.....


  3. Linda is such a mine of information and so generous. She has given me good advice too. Your seedlings look great.

  4. Your seedlings look very happy! I may have to give that a try. I have a few such boxes sitting in our workshop. We are no longer allowed to throw polystyrene containers away here, so they might as as well be put to good use!

  5. Wow great results! My garden contains several poly boxes that I use as an alternative to pots. I have painted them bright colours to brighten up the place a bit! Love seeing things growing in your garden xx smileymum

  6. Wow green what difference! That's it I'm going in search of those boxes too!

  7. I sow my seeds in punnets and leave them on my kitchen window ledge (west facing.) I call that window my greenhouse. It seems to work ok for me, but your results are amazing!