Monday, December 12, 2011

Finally Completed!

Well! I've finally tackled knitting socks! I had a beautiful pair of cream cashmere socks that a friend in Emgland gave me many many years ago. I had been darning them over the past few years, until one day I had to laugh at myself because the holes were so big, I would literally have had this crazy woven mess at the end. I had looked and looked at sock shops all over the world, but never found anything that could compare. Then one day, whiling away a few hours on the D2E Forum, I happened across sock making. I had never tackled this ancient craft, but I knew I could knit, so how hard could it be? Then I heard this funny little voice in my head say "Yeah, but where will you find the time to do that?"
Well funnily enough that galvanized me. I have a very busy consultancy business, am establishing our food forest, and trying to make more staples from scratch. AND, I am looking after my grand-daughter one day a week, and trying to get organized for our trip back to England for Christmas!
But, I thought if I wanted to do something badly enough, I could make the time. Then the answer popped into my head. At the end of the day, after dinner and before bed, I just slump in front of the TV, watching crap mostly, and feeling vaguely unsettled about being so unproductive when I go to bed.
So, that's when I started to find the time. In front of the telly. While on the plane (I travel a lot for work). In my hotel room after a long "thinking" day. As I write this, I have a memory of myself, sitting up in my hotel room bed, after a hell of a day, knitting the stress out before I went to sleep.
It was wonderful! And look at the result! I LOVE my new socks. And they're so toasty and warm over here in wet and windy England ....