Sunday, August 31, 2014

I Love my Greenhouse

Once upon a time, there was an oddly shaped corner of the garden that was getting very over-grown with unwanted spreading boysenberries. Obviously I want the original boysenberry patch - I just didn't want them spreading everywhere!

I had always wanted a greenhouse, and figured that this was the perfect spot! My lovely OH gave me one for my birthday which duly arrived in what he called "a lot of flat-packery"! And a 106 page instruction book! I kid you not - 106 pages ...

And I built it! It took ages, but I did it - and it looks fab at the bottom of the path ...

And now it's full!

I've planted up Diosma cuttings to extend the hedge around the perimeter fence; raspberries cos I "share" way too many with the neighbourhood kids; gooseberries cos I really want lots of gooseberries; Swiss Chard cos I planted too many seeds and the chooks love their greens; ginger or galangal and lemongrass cos it's so great to be able to say I grow them here in Canberra; and a tomato and a chilli plant that I may have managed to over-winter. And then - I planted up one of the two polystyrene boxes with tomatoes, leeks, beetroot, broccoli, onions, and sage. I also planted some apple and Lebanese cucumbers and some black Jack zucchinis in the six-pack punnets in the background in the top photo of these two.

I love my greenhouse!