Thursday, September 22, 2011

Seed raising mix surprises

This one is specially for Our Gang of 7 who's been having one hell of a run lately. Her seed babies got knocked over in the high winds of last weekend, so she wondered about throwing the seed raising mix from the pots on the garden to see what came up!

Well, a few weeks ago, I went away for work and forgot to ask my best friend, DH to water the seed trays for me while I was away. It all got a bit dry and a big nothing happened. So, I threw all the seed raising mix into a bucket and mixed in some left over topsoil that we'd put on some of the garden beds. I've been using that on the new seeds I've planted ever since.

Today when I went out to water - look what I saw in the bucket

There's about 8 little seedlings popping up! God only knows what they are, but I'm going to prick them out into some newspaper pots I made, using Laura's instructions via Rose's wonderful blog (thank you Rose!). I do not have a fancy tool, I just used a round glass that we have in the cupboard, so keep scrolling down till you get to the instructions using a bottle.

Aaanywaay! I have no idea what these little fellas are, but it will be awfully good fun finding out, and I thought it would give !  Stay tuned!

Enjoy the rest of your week
Greenie x


  1. Thank you for the mention Greenie :-)

    We did end up just tipping the mess of seed raising mix onto the veggie garden so it will be interesting to see if anything shoots up. You have proven to me that miracles can happen even with teeny tiny seeds lol. I looked at my little "patch" yesterday and saw a lot of ants running around carrying seeds lol,,,,,maybe I should have just put it in a bucket like you did! Oh well we will see what happens, even if one or two sprout up out of nowhere it will be pretty cool. I have repotted a nice selection of seeds again and hubby has tied the greenhouse down within an inch of its life this time!!! I look forward to seeing what your little seedlings become!

  2. I have had no luck trying to grow seeds in punnets this year, but in the garden straight in the soil, they are coming I am not going to bother with the punnets anymore.

    I surprised myself by planting out of date carrot seeds in the garden and they have come up.

    Colleen (ourgangof7) I bet you will have a bunch of seeds come up in the ant holes. I have had that happen before:)