Sunday, September 11, 2011

An Urban Homesteading Weekend

It was my turn to host the newly established Urban Homesteading Club in ONC this weekend.
After an absolutely gorgeous, Spring-like week interspersed with a couple of days of rain, Saturday was cold, threatening rain and altogether wintry. I was very ecited, and had loads to do to get ready, so we made an early start. Picked up the community catering equipment, chairs, urn and big box of coffee mugs up from our daughter’s house. Then went to the butcher’s to get the pets mince for the chooks – they don’t like the protein pellets, so I give them meat – we get great eggs!
Home for lunch, then whipped up a quick chocolate cake, which was just about done when the first knock came on the door!
About 12 people in all turned up, and all were very generous with ideas, swapping seeds and seedlings. It was great to be talking with a bunch of like-minded people, rather than feeling like people think I’m some kind of un-reconstructed hippie! (Actually, I am an un-recontstructed hippie!!)
Yummy food, a wander round my garden, great company, relaxed friendly atmosphere – can’t wait for the next one!
Saturday night we had Moules Mariniere with chips (Moules et fritte) for dinner, which was utterly yummy, and leftover chocolate cake for dessert was an extra treat. I forgot to take photos, sorry.
Sunday, after my healthy fruit punch

I planted up about 12 punnets of all the new seeds from yesterday’s swap. Then after hubby’s swim we had bacon, egg and tomato for brunch. Keema’s big 80g eggs were called for, and again, too hungry to take photos.
To make my fruit smoothie, I pour about a cup of apple juice into a blender, and then add:
·         A chopped kiwi-fruit
·         A slice of watermelon, chopped
·         A slice of fresh pineapple, chopped
·         A pear or an apple, chopped
And then whizz it all up till its smooth and creamy. Yum, and awfully good for you! AND, I know I’ve had four pieces of fruit, complete with fibre, which is all any healthy body needs.
Then we bought a new tallboy and bedside cabinets to help with the storage shortage in our bedroom, came home for more gardening, where I planted out the rest of the leek, pak choy, swede & turnip seedlings, and notcied that my old out-of-date parsnip seeds have finally sprouted  under the apple tree – hooray!
Dinner was one of our family favourites – pork spare ribs in chinese barbeque sauce, potatoes and corn. The recipe comes from Ken Hom’s Quick and Easy Chines Cooking, one of my favourite cook-books, with a few Greenie adaptations. You twice cook the ribs, the second time in a yummy homemade barbecue sauce, with ginger, garlic, tomato paste, soy and hoisin sauce, with a bit of sugar and sesame oil thrown in for good measure. The recipe calls for chilli bean sauce, but I throw in a chopped chilli and add extra servings of the liquids to make it nice and thick.
[insert photo]
Slumped in front of the TV and computer for awhile and now off to bed for a good rest before the week starts in earnest!
Have a great week everyone
Greenie x


  1. Hey Greenie

    It was lovely lovely lovely to meet you! Thanks for showing me your garden and being so generous with your time and your home. I love you even more now that I know you buy your girls pet mince!
    When I got home I went and told Mr Bacon all about you and your avocado babies, and reminded him he isnt alone on the arctic frontier - he has peeps!

  2. Thank you Greenie, we loved seeing your garden and chatting to like-minded people. It's so refreshing to have people nod and continue the conversation rather than look at you as if you're nuts and an extremist....

    I've been trying to get my head around 'what' an urban food forest is, so it's now a lot clearer after see what you're doing. Thank you!

    Meeting all the new people (including The Duck Herder!) was brilliant!

  3. I have recently become hookd on your blog. I want to create our own urban food forest, I really do, thank you for providing such great inspiration!
    I have just nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award, please come and accept your award at my blog :-)