Thursday, July 28, 2011

A great big THANK YOU!

I just want to indulge for a moment and thank everyone who's visited in the last week or so since I started this blog. It's great to "meet" you all and see what you're doing.  Having spent over 20 years in the public sector world where there wasn't a lot of collegiality and I remember once overhearing that someone wasn't going to be promoted because they wore yellow (I kid you not), it's so nice to be part of a community that is so supportive and accepting and welcoming. Don't get me wrong I loved working in the public service and contrary to popular belief, everyone I met and meet who is a public servant works really, really hard and tries their very, very best to do a great job.
Rose it was lovely to meet you on D2E and thanks for visiting my little blog. Your post about CSR is disturbing and I'm looking forward to hearing of a more sustainable, Australian sugar source.
Tania and Hearts in Asia I was so jealous when I read you were getting 20 degrees + already, although we got rain last week so I guess we're even! LOL :) It was -5 here this morning when I left to come and look after little Charlie (about 745 am)! Now that's pretty cold eh!?!
New Good Life - fantastic post about food porn! I also had one of those "Of Course" moments when trawling through your blog - the used toilet roll as a seed starter - brilliant!
Dixiebelle, Duck Herder and Tammy - like minded souls in Canberra - fantastic!
And crafty, busy, well loved Mum - fancy both having little angels called Charlie! I love following your adventures in living a simple life.
So, I just want to give you all a big thanks for visiting. I will take loads of photos of the establishment of the front yard, and the development of the back, and keep on blogging! I will be visiting you all regularly - and please, keep sending in the comments - and if you haven't commented yet, please do - I LOVE hearing from you all.
Bye for now - Greenie x


  1. I used to be a public servant too, in my pre-child days and yep we did work darn hard, not that it ever seemed to get recognised lol.
    I just wanted to say that so far your blog is inspiring. I look forward to seeing more of you pond and swale as it comes to life :-)

  2. Thanks Gof7 - great to meet you! You've certainly got your hands full - that's fabulous busy joyful life you've got there for yourself and your little team! I look forward to reading more of your posts too - talk soon Gx

  3. Hey there, the Urban Homesteaders Club is starting up again, thought you might be interested. Try this link, hopefully that works:!/groups/124222657670910/?ap=1

  4. ONCian Avocados......... Now Greenie you are the only other person I know in ONC who is trying to grow, how are they going? What variety are they? How are they going this winter? How are you growing them? Do tell do tell!

  5. Dear Canberra Greenie
    It's the Italy connection here - finally worked out how to use this site!
    What an inspiring site and passion for your garden and lifestyle.
    If you'd like to stay in contact directly find anzacmermaid followed by the elements i've outlined in our last 'exchange'.