Sunday, July 17, 2011

Heeeeeer'es Greenie!

Well, hello everyone. After following a whole bunch of gardening, Permaculture and self-sufficiency type blogs over the past few years, I've finally taken the plunge and started one myself!

The clincher came late this afternoon when I checked for eggs and discovered that Keema, my big beautiful black Australorp had laid a whopping 90g egg! We've been getting low to mid 80 grammers ever since they came back onto the lay a few weeks ago - in the middle of winter. I was expecting to have to wait until Spring because they just never got back into laying after their moult in February and March. But about the 1st July - freezing cold - that old familiar sound - weening and whining - and the - an egg! Production has been steadily increasing.

I have three girls, 2 Light Sussex, Lacey and Minnie the Moocher, and the big Australorp, Keema. I started out with Cagney and Lacey, after the female detectives, but Cagney turned out to be James Cagney, and had to be sold off to a very appreciative Sri Lankan family to become Cagney Curry! Keema after the very beautiful and slightly cool detective on the wire.

When Minnie came along I just knew she was never going to cut it as a detective. She had been repeatedly montered by a rooster in her original home - so much so that she had no feathers on her back. Unfortunately, my girls did not welcome her with open arms, offer support or sympathy. No, no, no - they victimized her further and pecked at her bare patch, and made her sleep in a nesting box on her own. So there was no chance of a female detective's name. When she was let out with the rest of the girls, she would just mooch about on her own, staying pretty close to home, and trying not to be noticed by the others so she'd get pecked at again. So, Minnie the Moocher she became, and Minnie the Moocher she has stayed.

Over time, she has been accepted into the flock, and she kicked up a hell of a row when Miss Moneypenny (literally)fell off her perch. So now we're back to 3 girls. I'd like more, but I'm not sure another single is a good way to go. I keep secretly hoping one of them will go brooch so I can get some fertile eggs and see what happens but no luck last Spring ...

Anyway, here's the egg that finally tipped me over the edge into Blogging Land! Hmm, it won't let me upload from iPad so you'll have to wait till tomorrow for the photo and the next exciting installment.

Talk soon!
Greenie x

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  1. What a great first post Greenie, I love reading a blog from the start if it's not too long, but always at least check out the very first one and this certainly didn't disappoint. I think we must have some sort of an affinity - you started this blog on my birthday and I absolutely loved the Wire, all five seasons. Go Keema with that 90g egg - what did you make with it?