Friday, July 22, 2011

There go the Food Miles!

Well - we live and learn!
I wanted to plant up some cabbage and lettuce seed for the Spring and summer, and I had run out.  I treated myself to a quick dash to Bunnings on the way home from somewhere to get some supplies to help make the chooks' Day Facility a bit sturdier.  While I was whizzing across the aisles I noticed their seed section, and thought I could pick up a few packets. I found these:

They'll do the trick I thought, so I threw them into the trolley and headed for the checkout. But when I went to plant them up I noticed that, despite the seed companies being based in NSW Australia, the label said, Seed Packed in the UK!! UNBELIEVABLE - LOOK!

I cannot believe it is efficient to harvest and pack seed in the UK and then ship it 20,000-odd kilometres to then transport all over Australia. Are you trying to tell me it's better to do this than source cabbage and lettuce seeds in Australia?
Anyway, so that's my Friday On My Mind rave for Down to Earth - fantastic blog Rhonda.
Have a great - locally sourced weekend everyone
Greenie x

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  1. Gee, that's a concern! Wouldn't you think SEEDS would all be done here in Oz!! If I buy seeds, it's usually an organic Aussie company via mail order. It seems it won't be long before you're saving your own seeds anyway. All the best! Ree