Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I'm gonna have a Fish Pond - and a Swale - and ...

This is my instalment to Hazel-dene's Winter Wednesdays. Today is all about plans plans plans - and I'm very excited. The Sustainable Gardener and I marked out the front garden today, that will feature a fish pond, and a swale cos of the slope AND EVERYTHING! I'm so excited I can hardly speak.  Anyway, here's the photos:

 The little round circle - admittedly barely visible - will be the fish pond - well frog pond really!

and the parallel lines represent the flow of the swale!

Now, what will I plant???? This must have useful plants in it too - and there's an area that is soooooo perfect for vegies that there'll have to be some - but I'm also thinking one of those magnolias with big, dinner-plate size flowers, and some roses. The whole perimeter will be planted with Australian natives.

Has anyone in Canberra grown rosellas? What about Sapotes? I hear they're called the ice-cream fruit.  What else do you think I should grow out here?
The criteria are - must be beautiful and/or edible and/or highly fragrant.
Very excited about the Intro to Permaculture workshop on Friday morning - even though I've had to schedule a work meeting at 7:30 just so I can be there!!!

Enjoy the rest of your week people - Talk soon Greenie x


  1. Just found your blog from Hazel's, looks great, I'll have to have a better look around. In the mean time, this project looks very exciting, good luck I will be following it's progress with you.

  2. Linking up from Hazel's blog :) Plans are so much fun! All that potential, waiting to explode into life. But I have to admit I'm going to have to Google 'swale'!

  3. Looks like a great plan you have going there. Not sure what a swale is either, but I will watch your progress with interest. (Just looked it up with google, so now I know lol).

    Bet it is cold in Canberra at the moment. I had a daughter living there for a few years while she went to Uni. She has now moved to Melbourne to continue her university endevours...

  4. Hi Greenie, I love it! I'll be back to your blog -- we met at DTE today. :)

  5. Hi Greenie, my rosella seedlings didn't go so well, but probably because I neglected them as too many other things I was also trying! I left my black sapote saplings (back on the North Coast of NSW where we moved from) with a green-thumb friend, but I think I still have some seeds somewhere (chocolate pudding fruit, yum!). I also wanted to grow avocadoes, anything tropical really, and once we get a proper greenhouse in, think I will give it a go. I read an article once about growing avocado in any capital in Australia??

    Who are doing your Intro to Permaculture through, can I ask? I did mine back in August last year, was awesome. Wish I could do a PDC but that would go onto a very long list of other things I also wish for!!

    Good luck!

  6. Hi...ooohhhh I love that I am not the only one planning and starting new spaces! This looks great and I love the concept of a forest of food!